Special Needs Trusts

When it comes to safeguarding a family member with a disability, a Special Needs Trust can help to insure that a disabled family member is protected. A Special Needs Trust is designed to help preserve trust assets for the special needs of a disabled beneficiary without jeopardizing the beneficiary's public assistance benefits. Public assistance is available for those individuals who have a physical or developmental disability, are older or in need of skilled nursing care. These public benefits are intended to provide those individuals who qualify with food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. The purpose of a Special Needs Trust is to protect the beneficiary's ability to receive government benefits and still allow the beneficiary to take advantage of the assets funded into a Special Needs Trust. Accordingly, a Special Needs Trust, can be used to supplement those benefits not provided for by government assistance. Items such as special equipment, additional medical care or dental care not covered by government assistance, vacations, recreation, or entertainment can all be provided for by a Special Needs Trust.

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