Trust Administration

coupleIf you have a living trust (revocable trust), all those assets transferred into the trust will avoid probate. However, your estate still needs to be distributed and your debts paid. During trust administration, your successor trustee, along with an attorney, accountant, or both will help determine the property you owned at the time of your death, determine your debts and how to pay them, determine the estate and other taxes owed by the estate, and help to distribute all property the beneficiaries named in your trust. The Law Office of Elise Lampert has over 20 years of experience providing highly ethical and reliable administration to a variety of trusts and maintaining the fiscal strength of these entities to serve the beneficiaries through the intended life of the trust. We are able to provide administration services to clients on a wide variety of trusts, including:

- Credit Shelter Trusts

- Incentive Trusts

- Living Trusts (Revocable Trusts)

- Generation-Skipping Trusts

-QTIP Trusts

- Charitable Remainder Trusts

- Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts